Litvinenko was a Paid MI6 Agent

Sir John Scarlett: Recruited Litvinenko for MI6Revealed: Poisoned ex-Russian spy Litvinenko WAS a paid-up MI6 agentEXCLUSIVE STEPHEN WRIGHT and DAVID WILLIAM

The Machine that Killed Hendrix

Also see: "The Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap and Murder Experience"  "Hendrix was traumatised an impoverished upringing and stung the system

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The New Spies

When the Cold War ended, it didn't spell curtains for the secret agent. Private espionage is a booming industry and environmental protest groups are its prime t

Spies and the Media

"... There is a similar operation in the U.S. I think it was called Operation Mockingbird. But in the U.K. particularly, within MI6, which is the external intel

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‘CIA Trying to Destabilize Africa’

An interview with Abayomi Azikiwi, Editor of Pan-African News Wire, from Detroit, MI.
Press TV | April 1, 2011
PThe CIA and British Special Forces a