Alex Cockburn: GW Bush Dealt Cocaine at Yale

Newsgroups: alt.politics.bush (This is the only article in this thread)
Date: 2000/11/03

Alexander Cockburn reports in his newsletter "Counterpunch" (vol 7,no. 17 ) that 6 months ago he recieved a tip that someone had direct knowledge that GW Bush sold cocaine while at Yale in the early 70"s. The source, a Bush supporter will not go on the record. Cockburn continues, "We relay the story now to our readers because we have been reliably informed that a New York Times investigative team digging into GW Bush's relationship to cocaine unearthed a similar story of young George W. using cocaine in bars and dealing cocaine out of a house in New Haven. But,as yet, the Times' investigators have been unable to get anyone to go on the record." This story is not online.

  • Here are some great unknown republican cocaine “businesspeople”. Mark Fuller federal judge on the Siegelman case found to have invested in a cocaine running airline. They found 40 kilos of cocaine on a relative’s Colombian death squad coal ship. That’s a $25 mil. “gift” from an in-law for Mitch McConnell. They went after Chapo because he’s Hispanic. These rightwingers have murdered off a lot more people than the Sinaloa cartel ever did. Oh yeah, but they’s white and right. That makes it OK, right? Sure it does, yeah. . .

  • Lyle Courtsal

    That explains his raping Margie Schoedinger repeatedly in high school. Story only reported in one british newspaper. She committed suicide at 33 as many rape/abuse victims do. Too bad the nazis use abuse stories to push marijuana criminalization with the usual scapegoating dynamic. Yes, I feel another book coming on. . . ain’t even really sold the last one yet.