Antioch College Connections to the CIA, Ruth Paine & John Kennedy Murder

Antioch College Connections to the CIA, Ruth Paine & John Kennedy Murder

QUOTE (John Simkin @ Jul 2 2009, 07:12 AM) I am currently reading Gordon F. Sander's book Serling: The Rise and Twilight of Television's Last Angry Man. Sander says that within days of the assassination the United States Information Agency (an organisation very much under the control of the CIA) commissioned Serling to produce a documentary for international distribution about LBJ. Serling accepted the contract and afterwards LBJ sent him his "profound thanks" for his work. Serling attended Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, near Dayton, where Ruth H. Paine and Martin Luther King's wife also matriculated. Ruth Paine's brother lives in the small hamlet of Yellow Springs, where there was an Oswald sighting reported by the Dayton PD Intelligence unit. Ruth Paine When I was at University of Dayton, in 1970-71, I took a class at Antioch on the history of Vietnam, taught by a former Saigon CIA Chief of Station. A few years later I was enrolled in the graduate program at Antioch Center for Social Research and Action in Baltimore, directed by a professor who was active in the Polish union (counter Soviet) activities at the time. Another professor arranged for us to use a special frequency radio at Bathesda Naval hospital to talk with other educators in the South Pacific and China. The Antioch professors were very good - and Connected. An old school, founded by Horace Mann, Antioch went co-ed, did away with grades and developed work-study programs decades before such things became popular. When Ruth Paine was working with Quakers in Nicaragua in the 1980s, she traveled and attended Quaker meetings with a student or someone affiliated with Antioch, who made others suspicious of them (for keeping notes and taking names), so she maintained her college connections. Antioch College at the moment is in dire financial straits; maybe they lost their CIA support? I'm sure Antioch, as it did with Ruth Paine, had a major effect on Rod Serling's outlook on life. As for the USIA, under JFK it was run by former CBS reporter Edward R. Morrow, a legend in his own time, who advised JFK to call off a CIA leafleting operation after it had been given preliminary approval and was ready to go, which illustrates the tight leash JFK wanted to hold on the CIA's Covert Ops against Cuba in 1963.

 Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio

CD 46 FBI Estep Report;relPageId=16


Sgt. DONDALD SWARTZ, Intelligence Unit, Columbus Police Department, advised on November 29, 1963, he had received the following unverified information from a source he declined to identify:

LEE HARVEY OSWALD alleged attended Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, using his true name for a short period of time in 1957 and was dismissed because he was unable to prove his graduation from high school.

OSWALD had lived c/o MICHAEL PAINE and wife, RUTH PAINE nee HYDE, Irving, Texas. RUTH HYDE is a graduate, Class of 1955, of Antioch College…


Domestic Intelligence Division concurs with the recommendation of the SAC of the Cincinnati Office that no further action is necessary in this matter. Personnel of the Cincinnati Office who were responsible for the poor wording in the report of SA Charles E. Chapman dated 3-25-64 at Cincinnati, Ohio, in the Oswald case have been issued sharp error slips by the SAC of the Cincinnati Office and have been issued emphatic admonitions. The report in question has not been disseminated outside the Bureau. The allegation that Oswald was receiving money orders through the Miami Deposit Bank of Yellow Springs, Ohio, has been completely run out and has proven to have no basis in fact. Amended pages forwarded by the Cincinnati Office are being inserted in the instant report of SA Chapman and the report will then be disseminated to the President’s Commission in our next regular dissemination to the Commission.

FBI operation against New Left at Antioch

Ruth Paine & Dr. Carl D. Hyde, M.D. WC Vol. XXIII pg. 504

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larry wheeler

ruth paine was involved in east- west cultural exchanges with the soviet union sponsored by the cia- fronts and covers used by the cia. everything from passing out leaflets to forming pro-castro organizations like oswald did. oswalds cover enabled him to be used as a patsy. ruth paine just kept using her cover -just in case they needed her again for another “babysitting” job.

Lyle Courtsal
Many, many institutions of higher education that are not specifically supporting all the agendas of the military industrial complex were either repressed out of existence or “mainstreamed” Evergreen State College had an individualized degree program that supported studies in many new areas in the 60’s and 70’s but had student self-determination in education reduced to the point where now it is hard to distinguish it from most military corporate supported institutions. Still the spirit of independence lives on there more than other places of “higher learning” in the US. I had to study drug rehab on my own since the… Read more »