Operation CHAOS was a domestic interagency surveillance, counterintelligence, psyop and assassination program that flourished during the Vietnam War, and the subject of my book, The Covert War Against Rock (Feral House, 2000). COINTELPRO was a CHAOS sub-operation. - AC

OPERATION CHAOS is the term Rush Limbaugh has been calling his instructions for Republicans to register Democrat & vote Hillary Clinton.

Different definition than your 90's book's bigger Op Chaos, but amusing he's using it loud & proud, plus confirming Hillary is full DemPublican Corporate War Chicken-Hock$ In their Anti-Obama O.J. Old Jim Crow Bash-athon!$

What had been Randi Rhodes AirAmerica Radio team have been criticizing it. They're going full pro clean Obama, anti-Hillary's War, Corps$, lies. Yay.

The Bill Clinton years leaned positive, but she voted for the war & has gone

way to Reich-Wing & false.