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Internet Poster Threatens to Stab Alex Constantine

June 14, 2007

For the record, Alex Constantine is ... not ... overweight ... And someone's girlfriend kissed me within the last 24 hours, but I'm not naming names ...
- AC
Being a constantine entails acting like a fat douchebag while trying to fuck everything in sight. Constantines usually try to fuck other guys girlfriends. Constantines are usually quite hideous. If you find a constantine, approach with caution, and then stab it 6 or 7 times.

1. That dick is acting like a fucking constantine, he tried kissing my girl.

2. I swear to god, im going to shank that fucking alex "constantine"
tags alex constantine fag douchebag dickhead frozen eddie
by madlib? the fort. Jan 11, 2007