Note: This press release is not an exercise in bias - the Islamic Army defines Al Qaeda as criminal, and engages in open combat with members of Iraq's homegrown facsimile. See, for instance, accounts of battle with al Qaeda-Iraq at this Jihad-sponsored site: - AC

Islamic Army in Iraq's statement

Denying media lies about killing 18 of al-Qaeda elements

Islamic Army in Iraq'

Media agencies reported news that the Islamic Army in Iraq with the joint forces had killed 18 and arrested 16 of the Al-Qaeda organization in Samarra, assigned this stating to a member in the Islamic Army in Iraq named Abu Ibrahim, here we want to point out the following:

1. Any statement not coming from our official sources is a lie and the side broadcasts it bears the responsibility of it.

2. Our official sources are the letters from the leader of the Islamic Army, official spokesman, the media spokesman, statements and official statements on our official website on the internet.

3. The Islamic Army in Iraq didn’t involve in its military operations with any military force except the Jihadist factions.

5. Fighting al-Qaeda organization happens only under the concept of self defense and what the news reported was a purely lie.

Dr. Ali al-Naeemi

Media spokesman of the Islamic Army in Iraq

Monday 11/11/2007 A.C