Kevin Spacey’s Father was a Member of the American Nazi Party

Kevin Spacey’s Father was a Member of the American Nazi Party

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...... Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey's older brother Randall Fowler has unveiled a dark harrowing past, where he was sexually abused by their Nazi-obsessed father. ......

Father: Thomas Fowler (technical writer; died in 1993)
Mother: Kathleen Fowler (secretary)
Birth Date: July 26, 1959
Birth Place: South Orange, New Jersey, USA
Education: Chatsworth High School (majored in Drama)

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UPI, April 27 2004

Randy Fowler alleges his father, Geoff, raped and whipped him for years and was a member of the American Nazi Party.

He revealed to Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper: "My father sexually abused me for years. I grew up in a living hell."

Randy claims he even contemplated suicide, saying:

...One day, when he was preparing to sodomise me, I took his old German Luger and pointed it at my mouth. Then I realised if I checked out there would be nothing to prevent my father from forcing my kid brother to take my place....

Although Randy doesn't believe their father, who cut his hair and moustache to resemble Adolf Hitler and who died in 1992, abused Kevin, he admits he questioned the star's sexuality.

He said: "I once asked him about all the innuendo that he was gay and he said, 'I don't consider myself heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, just sexual.'

...Kevin, to the best of my knowledge, has never had a real relationship with anyone other than my mother....

A spokesman for Spacey said:

...The family all feels deeply for his situation. But Kevin has not experienced any of the distress his brother describes....

He had no feelings." Spacey's spokesperson Staci Wolfe tells America's Star magazine, "(Randall's) claim against his father is a very serious one and has been a difficult personal family matter. The family all feel deeply for his situation. Kevin has not experienced any of the distress his brother describes - he has never been a victim of abuse. He can only sympathize with him." Randall claims that in 1987, he confronted Spacey about his sexuality, to which the actor responded, "I don't consider myself heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual - just sexual." Randall adds, "To the best of my knowledge, Kevin has never had a real relationship with anyone except our mother. He's an empty vessel. Neither of us had a chance, growing up with two such damaged parents."
The Early Years: Kevin was born in South Orange, New Jersey. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley area of California. His father worked mainly as a technical writer, but he job-shopped a lot so the family moved quite often. His mother worked as a private secretary for a while. Kevin remembers watching a lot of late night tv shows and great black and white films as a kid. His favorite actors even then included Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, Humphrey Bogart etc..

His father was a strict disciplinarian, and Kevin rebelled against that strict upbringing. In his early teens he happened to set fire to a little shed in the back yard of their Malibu house, where his sister kept her toys. Kevin's father tried to knock some sense into Kevin by sending him to Northridge Military Academy. He then was kicked out after getting into a fight with a fellow student while they were watching other students box in a ring of tires. Kevin was defending himself, and threw a tire at the other guy. Unfortunately, the other guy broke something in his shoulder and they kicked Kevin out.

Kevin, however, was thrilled to be back at a public school, where he also discovered acting. He was cast in his high school's production of Arthur Miller's All My Sons. That production was then chosen one of the three best productions for Southern California high school theater. They performed the play over a weekend at a local college, where Kevin also happened to catch Chatsworth High School's play, in which Val Kilmer and Mare Winningham were performing. He felt that he would love to be part of that ensemble, so when he was asked if he would be interested in attending Chatsworth, he agreed happily. He switched for his last year in high school. ...

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[…] Kevin Spacey’s older brother, Randall Fowler has maintained that his family has a dark and hidden past. According to the multi-oscar winner’s sibling, their father was an ultra-conservative sadist and child molester. What’s more, Randall says his father not only groomed his hair and moustache to resemble Adolph Hitler, but he was, in fact, a member of the American Nazi Party. Fowler further claims that he was a frequent victim of his father’s abuses, physical, mental and sexual. He says the only thing that kept him from killing himself was saving his brother from the same fate. Spacey, meanwhile… Read more »