Obama And The CIA In The Americas

Obama And The CIA In The Americas

By Michael Galvin02 May, 2009Countercurrents.orghttp://www.countercurrents.org/galvin020509.htm" ... On April 18th, Barack Obama attended the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago where he announced that the US seeks an 'equal partnership' with all the nations of the Americas. In spite of this grand gesture, he specified that the hemisphere cannot be kept prisoner of past disagreements or 'blame for right-wing paramilitaries and left-wing insurgents,' also adding that Latin America shouldn't blame all of their problems on the US. ... Obama's commentary on the need to move forward and leave behind the past's 'stale debates' obfuscates the dire historical injustice exacted on the 'weaker' countries, and legitimizes the 'might makes right' foreign policy that pardoned American war criminals and left the hemisphere in its current disastrous state. ... "

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Jamison Miceli

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