Prescription Opiates and Kids: One Pill can Kill

Prescription Opiates and Kids: One Pill can Kill

Glut of drugs fuels reports of poisonings among very young children

... ... Some 9,179 toddlers and kids under age 6 were exposed to widely prescribed drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and methadone between January 2003 and June 2006, according to a report published online in September in the Annals of Emergency Medicine. Eight children died, 43 suffered life-threatening injuries or serious disabilities and 214 required prolonged medical treatment ... "For opioids, really, one pill is enough," said Dart. "One pill can kill or at least cause major effects."... "

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Lyle Courtsal
Guest reports Oxycontin epidemic. Rush Limbaugh goes down as dealing oxycontin; nothing done under Bush. You and I would get 15 years for that one.