Village Voice Writer Sues Gerald Posner for Lifting Chunks of Mob Book for ‘Miami Babylon’

By Scott Shifrel
NY Daily News | September 7th 2010

Admitted plagiarist Gerald Posner

A Village Voice writer is suing disgraced author Gerald Posner, saying he stole chunks of his bestseller about a Staten Island thug turned Miami gangster.

Frank Owen says Posner and publishing giant Simon & Schuster failed to give him credit when they lifted from Clubland, which focuses on Chris Paciello and his nightclub mob doings.

"It was almost all Mr. Owen's writing," said the suit, which includes 20 paragraphs from his book and Posner's Miami Babylon that are virtually identical.

"Gerald Posner is eligible for the Guinness Book of World Records for Copyright Infringement," the suit says of the former investigative reporter for the Daily Beast who resigned earlier this year over the dustup.

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