By Alex Constantine

"POSTAL" MASS MURDERS ON THE RISE: In November it was the Ft. Hood Killings, and as it happened, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a military shrink, worked with radio-hypnotic intracerebral control technology (RHIC) - the very devices, perfected by the CIA, alleged by many mind control researchers to create "Manchurian Candidate" programmed killers. "The voice of God" is often heard by subjects of RHIC, so when four police officers are shot dead in Washington state, it is a fair question, not a crank one, to ask if the "God"-driven killer was radio-hypnotically programmed. - AC

Police killed in 'ambush' outside US Air Force base

James Bone in New York

November 30, 2009

" ... The shooting took place at the Forza coffee shop, just across the street from the McChord Air Force Base outside Tacoma, Washington state, 35 miles south of Seattle. ... "

Buford Furrow, who opened fire on the Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills, California, had an e-mail address at McChord Air Force base - deleted the very day Furrow was arrested. His father is a retired master-sergeant in the Air Force.

Buford Furrow's e-mail address: NSCMcChord@DDN-Conus.DDN-Mil. "NSC" is alleged by researchers on the Net to stand for National Security Council.

I am Jesus ... and on the lam, Seattle cop killer Maurice Clemmons told NY bishop

BY Helen Kennedy


December 1st 2009

Seattle cop killer Maurice Clemmons - shot dead Tuesday by a lone patrolman - drove to New York in June to see a Manhattan minister, declaring God told him to make the trip. ... Clemmons ... was running from the police, who wanted him for vandalism. He said he had driven for three days to New York because "God called me."

Electronic mind control cases are often marked by sudden, pronounced changes in personality ...



Dec. 1, 2009

... Clemmons' sister, Latanya Clemmons, said her brother had lived in Washington for the last five years without legal trouble, running his own lawn-care business and building a house in Parkland. She said he had appeared stable until May, when he began showing symptoms of a breakdown.

"I don't know what happened," Latanya Clemmons said. "Something changed."

"I love him to death. He was my only brother," she added, weeping. "I feel bad for the officers' family, and I feel bad for him, because he's not in his right mind." ...